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Web & Visual design FAQ

The cost for the construction of a website or a redesign of the same is a process that goes' meticulous attention to detail. The creation of a website entails a true artisan work based on the needs of the customer. The cost assessment is based primarily on the complexity of the site, the time and resources needed to achieve it. Each site that is being developed is unique and therefore must be assessed individually to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Essentially, the sites created are static. At your request it is possible to implement, obviously with additional costs, the autonomous content management system (CMS content management system). This is a package of advanced programming developed by me. It is not 'in any way based on open source systems like Joomla Magento WordPress. It is modular, adaptable according to the needs of the customer. Once implemented within your project, allows the complete management of the content. With the Content Management System you can access the control panel CP (Control Panel) so managing your site remotely via the web from wherever you are to independently and immediately all the updates that you feel necessary.

Each project and Visual Web has made ​​me a service. The care and management of sites and graphics projects undertaken on behalf of my clients, are key elements in providing an excellent after sales service. Upon request, I provide advice regarding the best strategies to be adopted to arrive, in some cases, to intervene in the implementation or modifications to their site if you should experience changes in your business plan needs of my clients. Each site is checked periodically by automated software tools that can analyze the performance and stability, allowing me to participate in the resolution of problems in real time.

The answer is yes. Due to the type of work I do, I have no territorial limit. In most cases, a match is not necessary. In any case, it depends on the type and complexity of the client's budget. The creation of your project (both Web and Visual) will take place in a clear and transparent. Will be first drafts idealized graphics, which will be submitted to the client and then pass, once accepted and signed one of these drafts, the development itself. Basically, the project will be developed together with the customer to meet all their needs and expectations. With regard to the development of a website will be 'activated a restricted area in which the customer will be' able to test the demo versions until the release of the final version.

All my internet projects are created to be compatible with the search engines, since they are "SEO friendly". The programming of them meets the guidelines and regulations for the proper indexing. This factor is very important for my job as a web designer because a site is not a site is indexed perfectly useless. On behalf of my clients, I will use search keywords (keywords) associated with their activities, so you can take advantage of positioning and indexing organic.

At each site I developed is an integrated system provided by Google (Google Analytics) used to have access to statistics and reports. Verrano it displays the number of visitors, their geolocation, browser navigation using the shell, the number of pages viewed, time spent on these and other important functions that do not mention in this section to not go on too long.

With over 15 years of work experience, I provide a professional servizo Visual design for my clients. Some of the most common design solutions include advertising, brand logo design, visual identity, brochures, flyers, packaging, banners, and of course web design.

Development of the project, depending on the needs of the customer, for all existing media. Whether it's a design for print, design for web or design of packaging.

The quote does not have any kind of costs. To request is very simple. Just fill out the form on my contact page specifying your data and indicating in broad terms what 'that you need.

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Since every project is unique, I need to know exactly what you need. The more information you provide, the more accurate the estimate of costs and working time.

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